Typically in this section you will find a list of rates, some talk about weight loss and how you’ll never find another trainer like me. Reality is that their is a lot of great trainers. Some specialize in weight loss or bodybuilding, sport performance, marathons or injury rehab. My focus is on creating a life of VITALITY and WELLNESS!

What I mean by this is that our goal should not just be about a number on the scale. Yes that probably will play a large role but the reality is that we need to address a number of factors in reaching ANY physical goal. There is the MENTAL aspects, NUTRITION, the actual WORKOUTS and most of all, the REASON for wanting to achieve it. Without a reason for achieving the goal you will quickly give up at the first sign of set back.

With that in mind the first thing I do is I like to talk to prospective clients about what they want to achieve and a realistic time line. I only work with people committed to making changes. You may not know how or IF you can, but you must know that you need to and you will. I am here to provide the how.

If you are ready to take the next step in you QUALITY OF LIFE email exhalemike@gmail.com or call 780-249-5038. We will set up a FREE consultation and discuss what, when and how you want to achieve your goals.

Watch this spot for further updates in the next few days in regards to some new programs we will be launching.