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This is a small segment from the label workshop. This particular segment cuts through the claim from maple leaf that their new natural selections line does not contain preservatives. This is just one of the things you will learn in this information packed workshop designed to helpĀ  you make better choices for you and your family


With back to school right and my label reading workshop around the corner I figured I would kill two birds with one stone. This will cover some of the things you will learn in the workshop, and hopefully help you to make better choices for your kids, and yourself.

For the most part when sending a lunch to school we look for convenience, so for the sake of this article we will just be covering a few of the foods that we would take somewhere. So lets cover a few of the typical foods.

Chocolate milk: As the advertisement says, as much sugar as a glass of juice. A glass of juice has a lot of sugar, nearly as much as a pop. Just because juice is a natural drink doesn’t mean its not high in sugar. Juice is not the same as WHOLE fruit. Whether it’s real juice, flavoured “drink” or chocolate milk it’s loaded with sugar and should be limited.

Lunchables: These are the packs that usually have some crackers with “meat” or a fajita etc…I’m sure I could write a book on why these are absolutely horrible but the short version is, sodium, fat, synthetic ingredients, cancer causing additives. I know some have the health check logo, this scam will be covered in the workshop and is covered in a previous article HERE

Fruit cups: Seems like a decent snack, it’s fruit. The problem here though is twofold. One is the amount of toxic metals, yes toxic metals that are present (article here). The other issue is that they are usually packed in sugar, typically labeled as juices or syrup. Fruit is one of the most convenient go anywhere foods out there. Just take a whole peach, orange, apple etc…if you want a fruit cup type blend it takes 5 min. to chop up some fruit, toss it in a few cups/baggies and you have fruit cups for the whole week.

Sandwich: Since peanut butter is already off the table lets examine lunch meat. The nitrites and nitrates in lunch meat are now thought to be more carcinogenic than cigarettes. They are sky high in sodium; sometimes a days worth. They also are high in fat, even the ones that claim 98% fat free. Another topic to be covered in the workshop is comparing apples to apples. When they say 98% fat free they are comparing WEIGHT, not CALORIES. 2g of fat is equal to 18 calories. The 100g serving of lunch meat has a ton of filler ingredients that have no caloric value, the typical calorie count is around 60. That would mean it is nearly 1/3 fat….do not be fooled by “natural selections”…cancerous nitrites and nitrates are in the liquid smoke product. Just because it says no added nitrites and nitrates does not mean they aren’t there. These additives are easily and legally hidden.

Obviously I can’t cover every possible lunch scenario (I left out chips and other junk food hoping it’s an obvious no no), I also left out the disaster that is school cafeteria lunches. That isĀ  a whole separate article. The most important thing to understand is that label and box top claims are not what they are cracked up to be. Which is a big reason for the workshop, it will be Sept. 29th at 7pm at Expressionz Cafe in Edmonton. Full details will be posted later in the week.

Do not sacrifice convenience for health. If you have any questions about any of this or related subjects please send an email. I’ll do my best to answer any and all questions.