Have you ever looked at a food package and seen things such as ‘NATURAL’, ‘FAT-FREE’, ‘HELPS LOWER CHOLESTEROL’, ‘ADDED FIBRE’, ‘NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS’?

For most of us label claims have fallen into the background. Have no fear though, studies from marketing companies advise food manufacturers on the best placement of the claims for maximum effect. So the question then becomes, what do they mean? Let’s look at the term ‘Natural’, or ‘Natural Ingredients’ or ‘Natural Flavours’. They all mean the same thing, nothing!

Here is a short list of SOME of the things Health Canada considers a natural process to your food.

  • Fumigation
  • Treatment with toxic gases (with no chemical change)
  • Smoking (with chemical addition)
  • Tenderizing (with chemical addition)

“The status of enzymatic flavours, processed flavours, reaction flavours or nature-identical flavours has not been established under these guidelines.”

All from Health Canada website

As you can see (especially if you go to their website) it’s all a word game, and in some cases no guidelines have been established. Knowing what you can trust and what you can not becomes tricky.

This was just a small example of what is permitted. Join me on Sept. 29th for a workshop on deciphering label claims, we will cover everything from how to read the label, how ingredient lists are structured, what label claims really mean and how they hide harmful and/or poor ingredients from excess salt and sugar to hidden MSG.

Tickets can be purchased directly through me, here online, at the door (rsvp exhalemike@gmail.com or Facebook )

Pre-registration will get you a free subscription to our new online video series starting next week titled 1 min to Wellness 1 minute tips ranging from food, wellness, fitness, stretching and more to help you make incremental positive changes to create a new lifestyle. Pre-registrants will also receive a video copy of the workshop.

Sept 29th @ Expressionz Cafe 9938 – 70th Avenue