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2 Workshops for September

I want to announce a few things today. First is that we are doing two different events for September, both at Expressionz Cafe.

Sept 22nd a film screening of the film Collapse

This will be a by donation event. Event Page on Facebook

A week later there will be a workshop titled 3 Things You Need To Know When Reading Labels. This workshop is going to cover the 3 most important things YOU as a consumer need to know about what food labels are really saying. For example 98% Fat Free can actually be over 30% Fat!!


Last week I posted a great BBC piece on child labour and fair trade issues in cocoa farms in Africa. Yesterday I had a chance encounter with James a fair trade cocoa farmer from Ghana. I did a quick interview with him about what fair trade means for him and his family.

I am working on a captioned version, should be ready in a day or so.

Food is the new tobacco

As far back as the 1930’s multiple studies showed links between cancer, heart disease and shorter life spans with smoking. Over the course of more than 40 years studies supported this. Yet the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the American Medical Association (AMA) not only looked the other way they helped to promote cigarettes. It wasn’t until the LATE 70’s that it was finally admitted that smoking was harmful and caused these maladies.

Flash forward to our present day. Study after study demonstrates that our modern food is a food like substance at best. Depleted soil, nutrient depleted food, genetically modified organism’s (GMO), pesticides, herbicides, fungicides. Every year we need to spray more and more pesticides, into the millions of tons at this point. When you kill off pests only the strong survive, hence new super strains of E.Coli (here) not to mention the same effect on animals when we pump them full of antibiotics non stop.

Now we are seeing unheard of numbers of cancer (1 in 2 people will get some form of cancer) diabetes, alzheimer’s and a host of other chronic diseases. Yet when we look at the fact that we are eating overly processed nutritionally depleted food we are told there is no link, the food is safe. I’m not buying it. Food is the new tobacco, in every link of the chain from the monopolized food industry to the FDA to big pharma the fix is in, and until we stand up and say something it will never change. It will be like smoking, except this will have a much greater affect since EVERY human being eats.

Free coupons on organics and a bootcamp announcement.

There will be some evening and afternoon bootcamps starting the week of Sept. 6th.

You can reserve a spot either here or by emailing

I also have 2 great events to announce within about a week, just waiting on date confirmation.

Also check out the healthy shopper for great coupons for organic products.

A free custom nutrition makeover

Yes actually free and yes actually custom. It’s quiet simple. Click here it will take you to a page to enter your email. I will send you a template to fill some information out, you email it back to me and I will send back steps on how to overhaul your nutrition plan.

This is the same protocol I use with all of my clients. We identify what it is you already are doing well, what we can change and take steps to improve.

So click here and start making some lasting changes! I promise you’ll thank me for it.


Got a question?

I try to provide a variety of subjects and resources on the site. That being said sometimes you become so immersed in something that you forget that others are not as obsessed. If you have any questions/requests send them over to I will either answer them Dear Abby style or write an article or shoot a video to answer that question/request.

The goal here is to build a community, a hub of reliable information on all things fitness, nutrition and holistic health. Stay tuned for some great videos as well as some workshops and tools to help you and your family.

So I just saw the CBC Marketplace episode about Herbal Magic. It exposes Herbal Magic as what it is, a very over priced diet industry scam. It is said that in North America the diet industry is worth roughly $50 Billion. Herbal Magic is going to run you somewhere in the area of $5000 for the year to lose weight, and with a 900 calorie diet plan of course you’re going to lose weight. You are also going to gain it all back.
What troubled me most about the episode was it’s constant reference to the fact that most of their supplements were NOT regulated by health Canada, the implied meaning of course is that if health Canada hasn’t approved it then it is not safe or must not work, and if they have approved it then it must work. The CBC is a government funded broadcasting network and this becomes nothing but a positive PR job for new incoming legislation about natural health products.

Without going to far off the deep end with a rant I will say that health Canada, like the FDA, has other factors coming into their decision making as to which products get passed and which do not.

Check the webite it gets deep into the subject of the Canadian regulations and the incoming legislation. As well it’s worth investigating Codex Alimentarius, see an article at .

So often I sit down and talk to clients and one of the first things I ask is “what are you trying to achieve?”. Most often the answer is weight loss. The thing about that answer is that it is meaningless. If weight loss was that important to you it would have happened long ago. Now don’t get me wrong, weight loss probably is A goal, but it’s not THE goal.

The real goal is usually something along the lines of:

  • run a marathon
  • feel sexy for my spouse
  • feel confident in my body
  • keep up with my grandkids
  • live longer
  • reduce chronic pain

All of these things can be achieved THROUGH weight loss, yet weight loss is not the goal, it is the vehicle. If you want to make any sort of lasting change in your physical or mental well being you need to really think about WHY you want to lose weight. THEN comes the HOW.

If you need any help figuring out your why drop me a line here and we can figure it out.

One thing many people don’t realize is that most of the worlds chocolate is produced using child slave labour. Watch this report from the BBC as they go undercover.

Click here for the rest of the series.

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