When is the last time you felt excited? When is the last time you felt energetic? For many people those are words that invoke images of child hood, or a former life. Maybe you wonder why you just feel ok, and not great?

Exhale is a company that strives to “breath wellness into your life.” Fitness, nutrition and health are old ways of thinking. True health is not lack of disease, or lack of symptoms. True health is a feeling of vitality, energy, excitement. If you are missing any single ingredient you are missing true health.

We are here to change that. Our programs cover the inside and out of your health. Proper exercise, proper technique and proper guidance. Nutrition counseling and articles that are independent of the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry or any other body that may create a bias in our information.

Now more than ever people need real information and a real education. A new breath.

I personally came upon this journey in a number of ways. As a competitive athlete I always had to monitor my weight. What surprised me was how little knowledge my Dr. had in regards to nutrition and supplements. Years later family member including my daughter (and myself) developed allergies and intolerance to certain foods, including lactose intolerance and Celiac disease. It forced me to completely rethink how I looked at food.

This journey lead me to become a nutritionist as well as a trainer and martial arts instructor/coach. Now with multiple courses, countless books, seminars, workshops and miles behind me I try to share as much as I can to help.

Check out our PROGRAMS page and see just how EXHALE can help you!