So I just saw the CBC Marketplace episode about Herbal Magic. It exposes Herbal Magic as what it is, a very over priced diet industry scam. It is said that in North America the diet industry is worth roughly $50 Billion. Herbal Magic is going to run you somewhere in the area of $5000 for the year to lose weight, and with a 900 calorie diet plan of course you’re going to lose weight. You are also going to gain it all back.
What troubled me most about the episode was it’s constant reference to the fact that most of their supplements were NOT regulated by health Canada, the implied meaning of course is that if health Canada hasn’t approved it then it is not safe or must not work, and if they have approved it then it must work. The CBC is a government funded broadcasting network and this becomes nothing but a positive PR job for new incoming legislation about natural health products.

Without going to far off the deep end with a rant I will say that health Canada, like the FDA, has other factors coming into their decision making as to which products get passed and which do not.

Check the webite it gets deep into the subject of the Canadian regulations and the incoming legislation. As well it’s worth investigating Codex Alimentarius, see an article at .