One thing you never seem to hear is “get healthy.” We have a weight obsessed culture that for the most part is overweight and morbidly obese. On top of that people generally have no clue about what they SHOULD weigh, just what they WANT to weigh. Typically at any cost.

The BMI can be a useful tool for figuring out a good weight, but it has many flaws as well. It doesn’t take bone density, lean muscle mass etc…in to consideration. The real concern though should be your health. Your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, joint and back pain, headaches, stomach and digestive issues. Chronic disease factors such as smoking and sedentary lifestyle.

What many people fail to realize is that skinny people are not necessarily healthy. Neither are “fit” people. Many “fit” people are able to run long distance or lift weights or play recreation level sports, the same people who drop dead from heart attacks, die from cancer, develop diabetes etc….

So what happens? Most people realize they need to do something so they go for the quick fix. I have had clients come to me after trying countless weight loss programs only to gain it back, or, they lost weight but their cholesterol skyrocketed from the programs frozen meals. Sure they may have lost some weight but they have also lost years from their lives.


No frozen meals, very very little packaged food. Just real food that you cooked yourself. As Michael Pollan says in his book In Defense of Food, eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Exercise until you sweat. Exercise 5-6 days a week, get a trainer, join a class, recruit a workout buddy. Learn to exercise properly and DO IT. Sticking the treadmill on an incline and hanging on to the top is not doing anything. Pedaling the bike at a leisurely pace is getting you no where, and please if you are on the stair climber, take proper steps,the little toe tap thousand steps a minute are just silly, especially when you are supporting your weight with your arms on the rails.

Drink water. Plain water. Add a squirt of a lemon if you want but do not bother with vitamin water, fruit splash water, swamp water,  eucalyptus  infused martian water etc…WATER.

Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Studies show that less than 7 hours compromises your immune system, making you up to three times more likely to get sick. Sleep in the dark, no bright red clock radio numbers. If you have them turn it around so you cant see it. Do something relaxing before bed, that means no t.v., no working, etc… You shouldn’t have a t.v. in your bedroom anyway.

I know it seems I have simplified the advice, and I have, because it’s not complicated. You do not need elaborate diet plans, fancy drinks, sleeping pills, fat burners etc…

One of the goals of this website is to further explain the concepts mentioned above and as always you can ask questions, but please ditch the fads and focus on your health.