One of the hardest things about good nutrition is cutting through label claims. Low fat. Natural. Organic. Good source of fiber. The reality is that most of these claims are legislated. They are legislated very carefully by people who profit from your confusion.


I recently saw some deli style chicken breast that claimed to be 98% fat free! Sounds great. The catch is that it is only 98% fat free by WEIGHT. Not by CALORIES, which is what counts. The serving was 60 calories including just 2 grams of fat per serving. Two grams of fat works out to 18 calories, meaning that the fat content is really 1/3 (33%!!) of the serving.

Blatant deception is the order of the day, and it is our health that is compromised.

The best thing you can do is to eat organic as much as possible. You can’t switch overnight, but start. Start with fruit and veggies, then maybe milk and bread, then eggs. Whatever your budget allows. The myth is that organic is more expensive; I’ll cover that in greater detail soon, but for now get started.

Also it’s a good idea to find your own farmer. I know some are not in an area to do this, but if you are, then do it. We have accountants, hair stylists, preferred news anchors, yet we have no clue who is in charge of our food. Get out to the farmer’s markets, press flesh (shake hands), speak to people. There is a revolution afoot, be a part of it. For your sake and your families.

This week’s challenge is to try to go the week without buying any more food. We all have pantries full of food we leave around. Clean out any old and expired food and get creative, even if it means no meat for a meal. Though don’t break into the food storage (you have a food storage right?).

Stay tuned for more articles in the next few days about label claims and reading labels.